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Located at 106, Bld Maurice Lemonnier 1000 Brussels, EURO DEPANNAGE is a company specializing in all work related to locksmithing, locksmith repair and lock installation.

Our technicians intervene quickly even during weekends in Brussels.

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Openings of all types of doors and safes

Can't open your safe? Lost key, stuck key, forgotten code, blocked door… Contact a specialist in opening a safe.
Opening of all types of safe in record time and without damage to the safe.

Urgent repairs at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

24/7 emergency interventions in all the districts of the city of Brussels.
Our specialists move as quickly as possible in less than 30 minutes for troubleshooting, emergency repairs or locksmith work.

Installation of all types of locks and armored doors

Complete solution to guarantee the security of your apartment.
An armored door unit is highly efficient.
Insurance cannot have higher security requirements than what this type of door offers.

Reproduction of car keys

Thanks to our latest generation tools which are constantly updated, we are able to redo the duplicate of your car key in a few minutes.
We work on most vehicles on the market.

Changing cylinders and locks

Are you arriving in a new apartment, have you lost your front door keys, or have you just suffered an attempted break-in? All these reasons can lead you to change your cylinder.

Reproduction of all types of keys

Why duplicate a key? Opening a door with a key is the most widely used locking and security system.
The double key allows, in the event of loss of the master key, to open the door without having to change the cylinder.

Breakdown Service

Fast 7 Days A Week, Everywhere In Brussels

Frequently Asked Questions

My landlord gave me the keys, why should I change the locks?

Indeed, it is always advisable to do so, but you decide! Ask yourself the right questions "when was the last time the locks were changed". If you don't know the answer, your home or business can become vulnerable at all times.
Some money-saving property management companies simply swap the locks from one unit to another and make one set of keys. If the tenant just before you isn't honest, you could probably come back!

I have a key that says "Do not copy". Can we have a copy?

Our trained professional locksmiths bring their experience and knowledge of locks, security, and are better prepared to resolve security issues in your situation as it is.
A professional locksmith can prescribe cutting edge products that will always work and more durable solutions efficiently.

Can you install a keyless entry system?

Absolutely, EuroDepannage installs keyless access systems to your home or business. Call us for a consultation to determine if a keyless entry system is advisable for you and your safety.

My key does not come out easily, does not fit where it has trouble turning?

Il est conseiller dans un premier temps, de pulvériser la serrure avec de l’huile (comme le produit WD-40). Ce produit peut être acheté dans la plupart des magasins, Brico, Carrefour, supermarchés… Aucune crainte si vous vaporiser trop, garder un chiffon ou serviette en papier à vos côtés pour ramasser l’excédent.
Vaporiser cette huile dans le trou de votre serrure également sur le mécanisme du boulon. Déplacez le boulon vers l’intérieur et vers l’extérieur pour permettre à l’huile de bien pénétrer dans la serrure grâce au mouvement. Ne pas démonter la serrure si vous n’êtes pas certain de pouvoir remettre l’ensemble.

Can I purchase the hardware and have a locksmith call in for the job only?

Products typically sold in home stores are residential quality at best. At worst, the shelves are stacked with low-end products meant to increase profits for the manufacturer.
At EuroDepannage, our products are of high quality. That give you features like resistance to picking and piercing. Access control options, protection against unauthorized duplication of keys, etc.

Pourquoi dois-je agiter mes clés dans la serrure pour que cela fonctionne ?

Au fur et à mesure que les serrures vieillissent. Les épingles d’un cylindre de serrure ont tendance à s’user. Ce qui fait que vos clés restent collées et vous obligent à «bouger ou serrer» la clé dans la serrure pour la faire fonctionner. Très probablement, les clés que vous avez reçues ont probablement été «copiées» plusieurs fois. En plus de l’usure des broches, peut faire en sorte que votre serrure agisse comme si elle se cassait.

The lock won't lock and unlock as easily?

After trying the above solution, check that the lock is working properly when the door is opened. If so, your locking problem is not in the lock. But rather see in the alignment of the door and the frame. Also check for obstructions at the threshold and in the stuck door.
Also check the door and frame for twists and bends. It should rest completely against the doorstop and stay there. If the door stops at the top or bottom only, then the door or frame is bent.
Do you have weather stripping on the door? This could obstruct the passage of the door. Keep in mind that wooden doors and frames will warp and swell with temperature and humidity. Metal doors and frames will twist and rust with age. Contact us for more info.


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