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Openings of all types of doors and safes

Can't open your safe? Lost key, stuck key, forgotten code, blocked door… There can be many reasons.

Contact a specialist in opening a safe in your city.

Opening of all types of safe in record time and limiting damage to the safe.

Urgent repairs at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

clock 24-7

Emergency interventions in Brussels will be treated with the same seriousness and the same professionalism as an intervention by appointment. Our specialists are indeed intended to satisfy the customer with quality work, at no additional cost compared to the quotation drawn up. They can get there as quickly as possible in less than 30 minutes, anywhere in Brussels for breakdowns, emergency repairs or locksmith work by appointment.

Our emergency interventions are carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all the districts of the city of Brussels. We guarantee rapid intervention from an experienced locksmith, with reasonable and fair rates.

Installation Serrure Porte Blindee

Installation of all types of locks and armored doors

It is the most complete solution to guarantee the security of your apartment. An armored door block, or pivot armor, is highly effective since it is designed for presser foot and lock-picking attempts. Insurance cannot have higher security requirements than what this type of door offers.

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Reproduction of car keys

car key

We offer our services to redo the duplicate key of your car. We work on most vehicles on the French and Belgian market.

For most vehicles, key duplication is done directly on the car via the OBD port.
Assigning the new keys is virtually risk-free. Indeed, thanks to our latest generation tools which are constantly updated. We are able to duplicate your car key in a few minutes.

Cle Voiture
Cylindres Serrures

Changing cylinders and locks

The lock cylinder, or cylinder, is the part of your lock into which you insert your key. Are you arriving in a new apartment, have you lost your front door keys, or have you just suffered an attempted break-in? All these reasons can lead you to change your cylinder.

Reproduction of all types of keys


Key reproduction is a technique reserved for locksmiths and hardware professionals. This technique consists, as its name suggests, of creating a duplicate of a key. Why duplicate a key? Opening a door with a key is the most widely used locking and security system. The double key allows several users to open the same door and allows, in the event of loss of the master key, to open the door without having to change the cylinder.


Breakdown Service

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